Business sector

For several years, a new technology trend known as Augmented Reality (AR) to view the day but still little known today from the general public. It is mostly used at present in the field of cinema (special effects) or military, but is still at its infancy stage for applications for the general public. Just as the success of social networks, this concept certainly revolutionize our lives in the next decade and in turn bring a new dimension to future technologies. This concept consists of superimposing virtual objects to our perception of the real world. INNOGEN focus in this area.

Our product


HairEffect is an embedded product allowing hair & beauty salon's customer to visualize himself with a virtual haircut (3D) in real-time. This product is a hair salon's modernization solution of moving the classical catalog (paper) to virtual catalog.

The user of the application can both change the haircut but also change the color with simple hand movements. For practical issues, the HairEffect application can also be controlled by voice commands. The user will also share experiences through social networks (taking customer photos with his future haircut, get feedbacks from friends, etc.). This process thus will increase the visibility of the hair salons and attract new customers.