The Services

Our team, armed with its experience in matter of design and software development, offers to its customers its expertise in the following areas :

  • Windows and Unix (Linux and MacOS) applications

    "Nowadays, IT remains one of the most attractive sectors in the context of innovation, management, data treatment or maintenance. Thanks to its multiple experiences in software development and adaptation, INNOGEN puts its skills at the request of its customers to develop applications on the today's three major operating systems, Windows, Mac, or Linux."

  • Mobile (IOS and Android) applications

    "Actually, the Android and IOS platforms represent a very important share of the mobile technologies' market. To meet this need, we have intended a specific department for the mobile development and digital tablets applications."

  • Web applications (Java, PHP)

    "Communication, Marketing and Business Strategy are the three main actors governing the today’s global economy using Internet as a support. The World Wide Web remains an essential platform in the world of business. Therefore, we also have a development pole reserved to the web application using the best technologies in this field."

  • 3D rendering applications (OPENGL)

    "The 3D is a key technology in today's society. Increasingly used, it has imposed in our daily lives. Indeed, we can find it both in movies and video games, but also in emerging technologies such as augmented reality. Wanting to be an innovative company and willing to meet the needs of modern society, INNOGEN thus creates its 3D development pole. Thus, the team has currently its own 3D rendering technology. This pole can therefore produce on different kind of platforms and applications such as games or applications based on augmented reality."

    "3D is a particularly wide field. That's why our team decided to not only focus on its own rendering technology, but also to adapt to various existing tools to meet more specific needs. Thus, we also have knowledge in the video games development using Unity engine."